Lecture by Gasparin & Meier Architects



Gasparin & Meier Architects will deliver a lecture in Oris House of Architecture on Thursday, 21 April 2016 at 5.30 pm.

Space, spatiality is what gives the architecture its fundamental character as an art, its fundamental character as a discipline.

Striving to show ways out of conservative behavior, our work aims at an architecture of the second, third glance; at an architecture as a natural life - space, as a backdrop for human activities; an architecture far from the grand gesture, from quote.

Architecture that not only wants to be seen, but in spite of the visual abundance wants to be perceived, must be clear, reduced, neutral and accurate. The continuity of these properties ensures the legibility of the architectural forms.

Our buildings are deliberately configured ensembles of individual components, with spaces and forms related to each other shape is developed from the interaction of conception and construction. The constructive logic resonates with the typological rationality. Disposition and articulation of the parts composing a building, are the result of rational ordering. Those aspects that relate to the instrument of construction and the nature of materials, play a significant role.

Despite its complexity, the objects have a recognizable geometry. Their material appearance is sufficient unto itself and is by itself understood. Thus, the attention may concentrate to the constituent parts of the body, its surfaces, its materials, its processing.

Sonja Gasparin was born in Villach, Austria in 1952. Studied art education and architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna. Graduated in 1974/82. Benny Meier was born in Effretikon, Switzerland in 1954. Studied architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna and the IUAV University of Venice. Graduated in 1981. They have been partners in their own architectural firm since 1989. Selected projects: renovation and reconstruction of Bahnhofplatz in Villach, 2010; school (Complesso scolastico a Romarzollo), Arco, Italy, 2010; nursing home, Vienna, 2009; housing development, Vienna, 2009; renovation of the Institution of Higher Education for Economic Business (hla), Klagenfurt, 2002; Brachmühle, an urban design project, Vienna, 2001.

The article about their project of Bathing Facility at Lake Aichwaldsee can be found here.

After the lecture, a bus will take the participants to the opening of the Annual exhibition of Croatian architects by the Association of Croatian Architects. You can reserve your seat in the bus by sending e-mail to oris@oris.hr.