Zagreb Flute Ensemble Concert


The second concert of the fourth cycle of Three Seasons of Zagreb Flute Ensemble called The Musical Time Machine will take place on 19th of June at 6 p.m. in Oris House of Architecture, Zagreb.

The Society of the Spectacle – a term postulated in 1967 by Guy Debord – is an issue that has never been more eagerly discussed than today and that has entered our everyday speech. The spectacle is a word we encounter on a daily basis. What is the position of an artist in this society of the spectacle? What is the position of young artists and who are those young artists of today? Through the medium of the TV show, which will fluctuate in between different formats and genres, we will try to pose this and many other questions to the guests in our studio, but the audience as well.

The concert Nowadays – The Society of the Spectacle will be the first performance of the compositions that have been written specifically for Zagreb Flute Ensamle and some of ehich include the compositions of French composer Alexanadre Ouzounoff, American composer of Swiss origin Ulf Grehn, Croatian composers Mario Miladin and Frane Đurović and the compositions of a well-known Romanian composer Doina Rotaru, who will be present at the concert.

The tickets can be booked or bought by sending an inquiry to