Architecture of Necessity

architects TYIN tegnestue
interviewed by ARCHIsquad (Ana Dana Beroš, Mirna Horvat)


Extremely open, witty and honest. Without resting or slowing down since 2007, the architects from TYIN, Andreas G. Gjertsen and Yashar Hanstad have really caught their architectural wave. They forged their unusual and very mature architectural thought with the help of their dear university professors with whom they still work with today. They have completed projects in Norway, Thailand, Uganda and Indonesia. They won more than 20 awards, the latest being the International award for sustainable architecture in 2012. Their work is based on active participation of the local community in the design and construction process in order to set up a framework for exchange of know-how. 


ORIS: From the very beginning of getting to know TYIN’s architectural body of work, we understood that you are focused on the impact beyond the physicality of architecture. How did this approach towards architecture evolve at such an early age of being architects?


Hanstad: I would say that we first learned it in theory from our professor Hans Skotte, because he is really the expert in these theoretical aspects of leaving more behind than just the physical structure. But, as we have been working, we’ve seen more and more of it in our projects, so I think we learned more as we went along.