An Encounter With a House by the Sea

architect Oliver Grigić
project Villa, Primošten, Croatia
written by Damir Rako


While driving along the Adriatic highway toward [ibenik I was wandering what a house created and built by Slavonians in the heart of Dalmatia, near Prmošten, would look like. 


I was met by Oliver Grigić, an architect who enjoys the unusual privilege of spending summers in the house he created for an Osijek family. A very simple boundary wall is noticed if the house is approached along the narrow road forking left off the Adriatic motorway. The wall is obviously there to protect the privacy of the house from the incidental passers-by. 


At that moment I became intrigued by the forthcoming encounter with the house; the primary indifference faded away and was transformed into vivid inquisitiveness. The entry through the wooden door of the north court-garden reminded me of the authentic Dalmatian ritual characteristic of all the traditional ambiances. Then stairs and a view appeared ... the very first view which on the spur of a moment is incised into the memory, challenging our new acquaintance and our first impression.