Enviable Whiteness

architects Maechtig Vrhunc arhitekti
project  office Maechtig Vrhunc architects, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Matevž Čelik


The photographs of the MVA office show a single space, apparently one half of a large loft. The incline of the roof descends on one side to the parapet wall, while on the other it climbs high to the ridge. Between the roof windows you can still see the roof structure that is now letting the light inside. Below the window there are several office desks and chairs that can be found in almost every monograph on 20th century design. A wide closet is fixed to the slanted back wall by steel bearers and its gallery-like top is reached by stairs. Beside the drawers on the back wall and neatly placed waste-paper baskets, this makes for an almost complete list of items included in the photograph of the MVA office. There’s one more thing you cannot overlook. All the walls, the ceiling, the furniture and equipment are completely white.