Information Slot

architect Petar Mišković
project The Information Center of the City of Rijeka, Croatia
written by Idis Turato


During my visit to Paris in 1989, I had the pleasure of having a cup of coffee in the already legendary café Costes by Philippe Starck. Interior, furniture, outdoor terrace and atmosphere to remember ... In 1994, I was impatiently looking forward to another visit to this inspiring place. But then, what a surprise!!!! Costes had been torn down and a Naf-Naf boutique opened at the same site, thriftily keeping the staircase steel sub-structure of the original café leading to the shop’s gallery. At that moment, this was a confirmation of the hypothesis of the transience and temporariness of the interior as architectural theme and the necessity of the acknowledgment of all limitations and advantages of this interesting but from the architect’s point of view, often misunderstood and overestimated task.