Less Money - More Culture

architects Peter Gabrijelčić, Mojca Gregorski, Tomaž Novljan
project Renovation of the Doorman's Booth in Faculty of Architecture, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Miha Kajzelj


Architectural design in Slovenia in the transitional period of the last 15 years, under the influence of devouring capital, Americanization, unimaginable consumerism and the consequent general devaluation of social values, became rather poor content-wise and if its realizations are considered, it was thwarted and pushed to the wall. This is particularly noticeable in major projects in which capital sees an easy chance to make a profit at the expense of the quality of architecture and is interested in architecture only inasmuch as it is capable of upgrading the brand of the investor.


Contrary to this global trend, Small Projects, which have managed to retain a cultural and artistic flavour, are becoming ever more successful. The success of these projects inheres in all participants in the process, the investors, architects and contractors, feeling an elementary creative pleasure while working, freed from greed over money and related pressures on design and its realization. The times we live in are forcing a new and paradoxical motto upon us: Less money - more culture.