Architectural Chameleon

architects Randić -Turato
project Primary School Krsto Frankopan, Island of Krk, Croatia
written by Tadej Glažar


As stated by the charismatic fan of islands Predrag Matvejević, there are islands that have strong ties to the mainland and there are others that turn their back on it. The island of Krk in Kvarner Bay, connected to the mainland via a magnificent bridge, seems to resist this connection, stubbornly, unpredictably and every year anew. For at least a couple of days in the year, with the aid of the bora, when all connections to the mainland are cut, the island warns us of its origins and inherent isolation, which made the particular island culture a certain self-contained micro-universe.


It is interesting to note, that in spite of the ordinary limitations of the island location, the architecture built on the islands in the last few years is of a better quality on average than the work found on the mainland, regardless of vigorous emigration from the islands.