It Does Not Take Two Generations To Change

architects Matija Bevk & Vasa Perović
interviewed by Ante Nikša Bilić, Tadej Glažar, Maroje Mrduljaš


Interviewed in Ljubljana, May 13th 2005


The works of a young architectural studio Bevk-Perović show quality practice getting a lot of attention, the practice that in the last five years was often in the focus of interest of a wider public and was also frequently awarded trade prizes including articles in scholarly journals, both in Slovenia and abroad. 


Their architectural production including its innovation within the professional scope and the high level of responsibility to the investor, both represent a successful model of practicing architecture in the context of dynamic Slovenian reality.


ORIS: Let’s begin with the fact that you come from different backgrounds and milieus. Can you put this into context and identify possible specifics of your education and development? Describe how you met, connected and created your professional partnership.


Perović: We met while working on the Kočevje School project together with Tadej Glažar, Arne Vehovar and Nick Dodd. Matija was working with us, or rather, for us. We “connected” and started up an office with Nick. Naturally, every background and education brings along so­mething different. It is not just a matter of background, but also of personal character. We somehow complement each other there. Besides being the older one, I also bring in a certain hysteria. Matija is much calmer.