Let the Train Take Me Far Away

architects Bevk & Perović
project The Housing Buildings in Polje, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Tomaž Brate


During 1983 the hit movie Flashdance was being shown in the cinemas. It was a cloying story about a working-class girl from Pittsburgh. She was a welder, but her passion was devoted to something entirely different, to dance. During the audition for a ballet troupe she was successful and she was accepted. In the end everything is perfect since a film concludes with a happy ending to the love story as well. The social topic of the welding profession is directly connected to the glamour of Porsche. And the film ends. 


Those were the eighties, which seemed to be rather simple ages in general or at least simplified years. They were like that in film, in literature, and of course in architecture. It seems that this can be especially applied to urban planning, or to make use of the term often used in those times – city architecture.