Lookouts and Guard Posts

project Venecijanski bienale
written by Željko Kipke


I saw the Venice Biennale eight days before the grand opening. I visited it in a dream on 1 June: 


I must not miss the Venice Biennale, so I bravely enter the first pavilion, full of photographs, computers and TV screens. The material is really tiring, but numerous trampolines, spread across the floor, are a great refreshment and a challenge that I intend to face. I jump high, always expecting to reach the ceiling, ignoring the frequent calls of individuals from the audience who are telling me to stop because someone wants to see me. I turn my back to the calls, ignoring their requests and enjoying the jumping. I am not interested in meeting people, because the interactive artistic program is more attractive than communication with strangers. But those who want to see me are Ivo Sanader and his assistant.