Reconceptualizing Modernism

architect Radovan Nikšić
project Open Institution of Learning Worker's University "Moša Pijade", Zagreb, Croatia
written by Dubravka Kisić


Radovan Nikšić (1920-1987), author of the winning project in the architectural design competition for the building of the Moša Pijade Workers’ University and subsequently the building’s construction manager, Ninoslav Ku~an (1927-1994), co-author of the design, and Bernardo Bernardi (1921-1985), furniture designer, belong to the generation of architects who in the period after the first post-war decade tried to design and build a new and modern architecture, richer in sense and content. This endeavor was made in a society and architectural scene marked by radical changes in ideology and politics, amidst the reconstruction of the war-torn land. Even more so, the Workers’ University building was the first and to a large degree the most successful achievement designed during the process of reconceptualizing the postulates of the pioneering age of modernism.