Five Tough Pieces

project Exhibition Documenta 11, Kassel, Germany
napisala Nada Beroš


The whole problem of speaking about the end (particularly the end of history) is that you have to speak of what lies beyond the end and also, at the same time, of the impossibility of ending. 
Jean Baudrillard 


As the first Documenta of the millennium was drawing to a close (it lasted from 8 June to 15 September 2002) and the last visitors, just like the “last men”, were making hurried inventories of Kassel’s exhibition and public spaces, as did their predecessors in the days of the opening, one could hear the argument that one hundred days for “the world’s most prestigious exhibition of contemporary art” and its ambitious programme was too short a time. Yet the fact is that this particular Enwezor Documenta had extended over a period of 18 months altogether, starting with Platform1, an open forum for artists and intellectuals, in Vienna in March 2001 and ending with the Platform5 in Kassel on 15 September 2002.