Open House for Free People

architects Dieter Henke, Marta Schreieck
project Grammar School in Heustadelgasse 4, Vienna, Austria
written by Liesbeth Waechter-Böhm


The school is located far out across the Danube, in Aspern. It is a very large structure in a very green landscape, surrounded by heterogeneous small-scale local structures. The problem is obvious. A powerful structure, this state grammar school, had to be placed into this environment. Great skill was required to make it fit into the given urban situation. 


In keeping with common practice in cases like this, the investor (BIG) – the State Development Administration Office announced an invited competition. The winners were Dieter Henke and Marta Schreieck. The two are profiled as “the architects of schools”. Their school in Vienna – Leberborg – is the architectural highlight of this otherwise questionable agglomeration of suburban sprawl. One of their exceptionally successful projects is the SOWI university complex in the centre of Innsbruck.