A House for Future Times

architects Mirela Bošnjak, Mirko Buvinić, Maja Furlan Zimmermann, Ivan Galić
project Students' Dining Hall, The University Campus on Trsat, Rijeka, Croatia
written by Vera Grimmer


The old question ‘In which style should one build?’ opens up numerous dilemmas in times of polyvalent options. For example, should young architects follow trends unconditionally? Are they a lost case if their architecture does not show breaks, folds, slopes or perhaps organic-like creations? Do they not have the right to give up all of these for the benefit of rationality and responsibility? ‘The building looks as if much older colleagues created it,’ is an observation heard on a number of occasions by the authors of the students’ restaurant on the University of Rijeka campus. So, what does this ‘old-fashioned’ building really look like then?