Most of Our Works Are Based on Obvious Questions

author Erwan Bouroullec
interviewed by Maroje Mrduljaš


Interviewed in Zagreb 29 June 2011


Brothers Ronan and Erwan Bouroullec are among the most interesting designers in the world today. They are successful leaders of the younger middle generation which adopts principles of modern design, but supplements them with a conceptual and investigative approach. In this manner, the Bouroullec brothers nurture the modern tradition of logically conceived and technologically carefully elaborated artefacts by means of close collaboration with industry. In the process, they attempt to broaden the field of possibilities which are offered by ‘the world of objects’ in a conceptual sense. Modularity, combining, using objects for articulation of space or the very ‘spatiality’ incorporated into the concepts of their work all indicate efforts to improve or question the typological givens of objects.


ORIS: You had quite an intensive day yesterday, meeting with Croatian designers. What are your impressions?


Bouroullec: It was a delicate position to be in – because my brother and I are in the lucky position of having opportunities to work on really interesting projects. Sometimes I feel uncomfortable giving insights about projects I see from other designers. I don’t really like to try to judge or give a point of view on a project.