architects ENOTA / Dean Lah, Milan Tomac
project Ptuj Preformance Center - conversion, Ptuj, Slovenia
written by Matevž čelik


It is unbelievable how many purposes, quite inappropriate from the present perspective, did the Dominican monastery in Ptuj serve after January 17, 1789, when the refectory was taken over by the lay head who, based on the governorate decree, declared the absolution of the monastery community. When a religious fund took over the building in 1786, the governorate first sold the six altars, the sculptures, the paintings and other church property. They moved the rich monastery library, although imperial instructions demanded a precise list of library materials with manuscripts and incunabula, the greater part of the collection was lost and individual works can now be found in the libraries of Ljubljana, Graz and Vienna.[1]

[1] Mlinarič, Jože and Jože Curk: Dominikanski samostan na Ptuju 1230 – 1786 (The Dominican Monastey in Ptuj 1230 – 1786), Opseg 5, Zgodovinski arhiv na Ptuju: Gradiva in razprave, 2009, p. 231