Through Brazil in 47 Steps

written by Goran Rako


1. The ocean, islands, endless sand beaches, a bay, a river, a lake, mountains and jungle – all within a city. As we enjoy our breakfast on top of the hotel, we realize there is no way this is a boring place.


2. Copacabana is probably the most ordinary thing in the entire city. Two rows of skyscrapers and tiny skyscrapers, along with huge rocks and forests where parrots roam freely. Children play football on the sand from the early morning until late at night, probably a new Ronaldinho in the making.


3. Pavements made of black and white stone by Roberto Burle Marx. They follow us around town, giving it yet another feature, as if it did not have enough to start with.


4. On top of one of the smaller buildings in the front row on Copacabana – Oscar Niemeyer’s office.