Josip Klarica - The Magician of Conversation

photographer Josip Klarica
written by Želimir Koščević


Dear Mr Koščević,
The editorial board of the magazine Oris has decided to publish works of Josip Klarica from his early period, the seventies, motivated by his last exhibition in Gallery Račić. We were especially impressed by the surreal poetics of the photographs and even certain associative connections with, of course, the much more radical works by the Viennese actionist Hermann Nitsch.
We look forward to your contribution.

Kind regards,
On behalf of the Oris Editorial Board:
Vera Grimmer, editor-in-chief



The text starts with this e-mail message which is motivating in every respect, because it is not possible to start differently about Josip Klarica and his wondrous photographic installations. Certainly, it is after all about photography, a medium which, to tell the truth, has always had a secret connection with the surreal. Nevertheless, it is still valued by aesthetic standards in accordance with its own parameters within the aesthetic universe, and not by the standards of surreal poetics and philosophy.