Béton brut as a Paradigm of Modernist Architecture

architect Boris Krstulović
project Elektroslavonija Complex and Computational Dispatcher's Centre, Osijek, Croatia
written by Alen Žunić


In the mid-seventies, at the time when Postmodernist thought was spreading throughout the world, several ‘Elektra’ buildings were built in Croatia which, in the context of ‘style-wise’ trends at the time, were perhaps the earliest reflections of Blake’s and Jencks’ influence on ideas in this country. And while the building in Kršnjavoga Street in Zagreb by the architect Milan Šosterič (competition in 1973) is marked by an almost total distancing from Le Corbusier’s postulates and Elektra in Karlovac by Dražen Posavec (1976–78) manifests only a slightly more moderate postmodern procedure, architect Boris Krstulović designed his buildings along the lines of Late Modernism.