Neither From, Nor Towards

Did you, upon awakening today, see the future from the still point of the turning world?

authors Antonia Majača, Ivana Bago
written by Iva Rada Janković


In their three most recent international exhibitions in New York, Vienna and Zagreb, the focus of the DeLVe Institute curators has been the issue of historical memory. By actualizing memory, they rely on a short essay from the collection ‘Idea of Prose’ in which Giorgio Agamben succinctly describes the power of the immemorable – memory as a recollection which does not recollect anything and, precisely because of that, is the most powerful memory. Inspiration with paradoxes of the immemorable, which by default generates a melancholic mood, is outlined with a long title – a quotation taken from Four Quartets by T. S. Eliot.