A Room with a View

architect Branimir Medić, Pero Puljiz
project Radisson SAS hotel, Resort & Spa, Dubrovnik Sun Gardens, Orašac, Croatia
written by Tadej Glažar


The new hotel in Orašac, in the Dubrovnik region, is a part of the Dubrovnik Sun Gardens tourist complex, with origins dating back to the 1980s, but it also builds on the rich history of the development of tourist facilities in the early 20th century (above all, the Grand Hotel by Nikola Dobrović on Lopud) and the period of high modernism, when big hotel complexes were built on the Adriatic coast. In the earlier history of the Dubrovnik Republic, the traditions of spending the summer outside the city walls and the food production methods resulted in a specific form of land settlement, creating a network of Renaissance summer villas with gardens.