Pleasant Spaces Without Dramaturgy

architects Vedran Pedišić, Hrvoje Davidovski, Mladen Hofmann, Gordana Gregurić Miočić, Dragana Knezović
project Spa Golfer Hotel, Sveti Martin na Muri, Croatia
written by Nenad Kondža


'Old school from the outside, but little bit modern from the inside’ novan *


‘Looks like a modern Project Neighbourhood school’ snir*


‘Institutional! Dull from every angle’ jen*


‘Simple and elegant with great composition! It’s quite refreshing to come across projects like this, it proves that you don’t have to go crazy’ Waela*


‘From the outside, this sports hall is not much different from that KFC outlet in Iceland a while ago. Ironic’ pelican*


‘One of the most beautiful weekends ever. It was hardly enough. We will certainly come again. We were delighted with the world of saunas in the hotel and with massages. Keep up the good work’ Dina i Nevenko**


‘I visit this place two times a year and every time I am equally satisfied! The service is top quality, everything is beautifully decorated and tidy, and I simply do not have any need or desire to try another wellness’  Andrea**


‘I have been almost everywhere in the world, but I have not found the warmth, cordiality and hospitality offered in St. Martin Resort anywhere else. I will always come back and recommend it to everybody; those who have never been and seen St. Martin and the entire complex of Resort and spa missed a lot... and should make amends urgently’ Sanja**


Since 1911, when Anglo-Hungarian firm London Budapest carried out explorations (drilling) in their search for oil and instead of oil ‘found’ thermal water, the area in which Spa & Golf Resort Saint Martin is located at present has gone through a number of programmatic and spatial changes (soaking and bathing, drinking and even bottling of thermal water, swimming...), as well as having its rises and falls. After the greatest fall, and even slight downfall at the end of the 1980s, a programmatic and spatial flourishing occurred at the beginning of this century.


*Comments from ArchDaily portal for the hotel and hall
**Comments from the Guest Book