The Promise of Happines

architect Jadranka Kruljac Polak
project House with Window, Ravna Gora, Croatia
written by Maja Furlan Zimmermann


Javorova Kosa


For most people, this toponym (meaning literally ‘Maple Hair’) is just the name of a tunnel on the highway from Rijeka to Zagreb, but a weird train of thought always takes me to the fairytale world of Ivana Brlić Mažuranić, making it seem almost like a magic place.


Actually, it is a hill, topped by a lookout offering a wonderful view of the mountains of Ravna Gora, Risnjak, Snježnik, going as far as the Karavanke and Medvednica. It is well known for its springs; legend has it that Božji Studenac (God’s Spring), frequently visited and praised since ancient times, has healing properties.