Oral. Manual.

On the Emotional Discourse of R/T

architects Saša Randić, Idis Turato
project Katarina Frankopan Kindergarten, Krk, Island of Krk, Croatia
written by Hrvoje Njirić


Idis and Saša build houses. Some are ordinary and some are not. Some are secretly innovative and some are emphatically ambitious. When I give it a second thought, I like both the former and latter. Mostly, they are successful and draw attention. It is nice to see how the two of them radiate energy and passion for the work they do. One of them draws and the other comments. Sometimes, it is vice versa. They are unusually skilful when they use hands and tongue. Rarely or never are they brutal. It also seems that they have measure, and do not build/work too much, which is good. They call their working environment the office, which is also very appropriate.[i]


[i] The architectural ‘studio’ is, namely, in fashion and if it produces the worst kind of stock products the confusion is complete. The only worse things are those in ‘ateliers’...