The Meadow, Toilet and Pavilion

architects Hrvoje Njirić, Vedran Škopac, Nikola Fabijanić
project ZG-pavilion 09, Zagreb, Croatia
written by Idis Turato


The grassy area with the toilet on the north-eastern edge of the Zagreb’s main Ban Jelačić Square is proof of the wonderfully relaxed state (state of neglect) of the present moment, the history of the place where we live and work. An unfinished city block bordered on its eastern side by a high town house, a work by architect Stjepan Planić, shows the century-old incapacity for urban planning on the one hand and the consistent inaptitude of realization of architectural professional views on the other. These circumstances brought about the spontaneous emergence of a lawn with a toilet in the very centre of the capital, but also the realization of a temporary pavilion by Hrvoje Njirić, Vedran Škopac and Nikola Fabijanić.