Adventure of Transformation and the Burden of the Past

architects David Mišič, Ljubo Mišič
project Faculty of Agriculture and Life Sciences, Hoče, Slovenia
written by Anja Koršič


That between the traditional and new or between order and adventure, there is no real opposition, and that what we call tradition today is a network of centuries of adventure.
Jorge Louis Borges


Life in the old castle of Hompoš is a travel through time. Aging did not only give the castle a patina, but it also brought it numerous conversions and changes in content. The origins of the building date back to the 11th century, and the last extensive reconstruction after the Second World War took away all its details and glory. First it was a sanatorium for pulmonary diseases, and later it was a psychiatric hospital. The most recent reconstruction, designed by David and Ljubo Mišič from architectural office Styria, started a new chapter in the castle’s history – it became a modern educational and research institution.