Clarity and Simplicity of Renovation

architect Janez Suhadolc, Mima Suhadolc
project Birthplace of Simon Gregorčič, Vrsno pri Kobaridu, Slovenia
written by Martina Malešić


Today, when the Slovenian provinces are largely threatened by the dispersed unplanned construction of standardized houses that have no root in the environment or the person they are intended for, attention is more and more turned to heritage buildings characteristic for their well-thought-out interventions in space. Sometimes, as a warning and as a role model, monuments of anonymous architecture are still preserved and kept, ones created on the basis of knowledge and skills acquired over the centuries, adapted to the human scale, laws of nature and local characteristics. Such an example is poet Simon Gregorčič’s family home, located in the heart of a compact village, Vrsno above Kobarid.