Appreciating Process of Remembering

For something new to find its place, it has to motivate us first to see the existing…

architect Peter Zumthor
project Kolumba Art Museum of the Archbishopric of Cologne, Cologne, Germany
written by Vera Grimmer


By drawing heavy leather curtains, we enter a landscape of recollection – an archaeological hall, probably the most fascinating space of the ‘museum of contemplation’ – Zumthor’s Kolumba. In one gaze, we embrace layers of two thousand years of history: a Roman house with added Frankish apse, a Carolingian church/hall from the 9th century, a three-aisled Romanic church from the 11th century which was being added to until the 13th century and finally, the remains of the five-aisled Gothic Church of St. Kolumba from 1500, whose perimeter determines that of the new museum building.