A Poetic Machine for Social and Psychological Ecology

architect Itsuko Hasegawa
project Fruit Museum, Yamanashi, Japan
written by Itsuko Hasegawa


Like people, fruits diffuse and adapt to their local context in order to survive and thrive, especially when shifted to new surroundings. The resulting diversity of fruit mirrors the harmony of regional and global culture. Like the variety of animal life, this diffusion and adaptation are an inspiring example of both nature and modern life”s plurality.


The site of the Yamanashi Fruit Museum is a sloping vineyard, where the four seasons, the natural elements (light, air, earth, and water), and the passage of time are ever-present. It is an irreplaceable and fantastic environment full of life, regeneration, temporality, and permanence. In this project, we strove to embody a oneness with nature, creating an environment that would serve to relieve stress and allow new encounters with nature.