Being in Love with White Paper

architect Goran Rako
written by Tomislav Pavelić


I cannot wait for the new competition! There is nothing more exciting than white paper 
architect Goran Rako said a few days ago.


White paper possesses all the possibilities, even the possibility of reaching that “final” author’s truth which will once and for all say all, which will embrace all the backwaters, paths and sidetracks we have passed, and the real solution will be reached. However, very soon the white paper is not “white” any more, it becomes spoiled by our strokes which note our attempts and our mistakes. Only another loop has been created due to the infinite number of possibilities. It even might possess a certain truth, but the “final” one has again slipped away. It is best to attack the infinite white field with only one stroke, with the stroke that does not allow ambiguousness and does not “fumble” with trifles.