A Daring Bridge Between Past and Future

architects  Miha Kerin, Majda Kregar, Edo Ravnikar
project Renovation of the West Wing of the Ljubljana Castle, Ljubljana, Slovenia
written by Aleksander Ostan


The Ljubljana valley, sheltered from the north by the snowy peaks of the Kamnk Alps, and open to the southern softness of Ljubljansko Barje, has its center of gravity between two hills, the slopes of the surrounding heights, Rožnik and Grajski Grič. The latter’s exceptional position –a steep stony cliff overlooking the River Ljubljanica and crowned by Ljubljana Castle – has been the prime natural and urban dominant of the city for centuries. Key roads leading to the capital, as well as squares, large and small, of the city core, converge on this point of reference, which has almost grown into the symbol of the city.