The Art of Possible

architects Atxu Amann Alcocer, Andrés Cánovas Alcaraz, Nicolás Maruri Mendoza, Martín Lejarraga
project Intervention on the Landscape in the Area of Gisbert Street, Cartagena, Spain
written by Manuel Ocana


The one who would believe, alas, my soldiers, you were brought here only to battle in this city of Qart-Hadast, will make more effort to see your fatigue and work than the real benefit of this undertaking. The truth is that you who fight for the walls of a single city shall, by conquering it, conquer all Spain
P.C. Scipio 211 B.C.


There is a standing comment in dramaturgy that anyone can write the first act and it is easy to transport these words into the world of architects.


This Project would like to find a way how to reach the top of one of the five hills on which the old Cartago-nova is located. However, it continues to fight red tape, implementing the administrative procedures needed to incorporate new elements into the intervention, such as the caves, ceilings and edifices.


A project like this one, described in various acts, is available, and why not?, for an analysis using universal dramatic structure.