The Building in Jurčkova Street

architect Jože Peterkoč
project  Office building Multipa, Ljubljana, Slovenia,
written by Marjan Zupanc


Ljubljana spread southward in a more or less orderly fashion in the late 70s, when modernism was waning. The emerging transition dismantled building regulations before taking apart the social system itself.


In such circumstances, the space between the Dolenjska road and the future ringroad was filled with all kinds of buildings housing a variety of contents: residential houses, restaurants and stores, office buildings. Barring a few exceptions, the environment was hardly regulated: social transition caught both the city and the urban planners off guard. This was not an isolated process, however, but the story of many suburbs. It is quite another issue how regulations cope with such changes nowadays.


Anyway, today's Jurčkova street is aspiring to become the main parallel thoroughfare to Dolenjska, the main southern city access. It became stronger when a new shopping center was built next to the motorway, intensifying the transformation from a residential to a service zone. The area of family houses has random accents: content and form, sense and nonsense, conservative and contemporary.