Trademark in Landscape

architect Querkraft-architekten
project Office building VIT, Aspernhofen, Austria
written by Isabella Marboe


The VIT office building in Aspernhofen, designed by querkraft-architekten, fascinates   by its strong, impressive logo. A gigantic silver tube and two secondary inclined arms rise from the gently rolling hills to a height of six meters. They end with an enormous showcase window above the road. It all looks like an advertisement that became a shaped space standing on props. An unforgettable building.


Oswald Vit is a born entrepreneur: with his great sense for motivating his associates and innovative product placement, he could sell anything. He is currently producing things like winter gardens, doors and sliding gates in an upmarket segment. He found a market niche by listening to his clients’ wishes and using his wide expertise to deliver high quality customized end-products. His strength lies in specialized service provision that does not balk at any particular wish. As a craftsman, he provided querkraft architects with the door for the Sprengersteig house, but this task made them switch roles.