New Design for New Programs

architects Lena Krušec, Tomaž Krušec
project Mountain hotel, Pečovnik, Celje, Slovenia
written by Ilka Čerpes


Celjska Koča is a mountain hotel, designed by young Slovene architects Lena and Tomaž Krušec with associates. It was built on the basis of the first-prize-winning design of a competition launched in 2004 by the City District of Celje in collaboration with the Architecture and Planning Chamber of Slovenia.


The area around Celjska Koča is a favourite excursion destination for the people of Celje, while in the winter months it turns into a small ski resort. It is situated 700m above sea level on a hilly plateau at the south edge of the Celje Valley. Celjska Koča is the third mountain hut built in the area.