The Spring Villa on the Island of Lopud

architect Nikola Dobrović
project Villa Vesna, Island of Lopud, Croatia
written by Tadej Glažar


Mistaken is he who thinks that life in the city is a happy one. Let him come here, this place will provide him with true pleasures.


With their dominant position, architecture and gardens, the summer residences placed themselves above the mere farming function. Undoubtedly, many of them were also centres of agriculture, but along with all their starting purposefulness and necessary material base, literary, philosophical and aesthetic impulses participated in their ever intensive construction. They emerged on the philosophy that farming is nothing shameful. Indeed, cultivating the land and even personal farming has an exalted moral sense.

Nada Grujić


Some masterful photography showing the view from the pavilion of the Gučetić summer residence in Trsteno on the island of Lopud, perhaps speaks best of the villa’s setting. It speaks of eternal navigation and island’s distance, of the programme that defines the entire idea of the architectural image of Villa Vesna, built in 1939 on Lopud. We cannot speak about the architecture of Villa Vesna without also mentioning the Grand Hotel.