Maja's Lacework

author Maja Šeparović
written by Tomislav Pavelić


…a woman’s complexion; beauty marks gently dotted across the skin, little black spots on a rose-coloured background, constellation in the sky on a back over which small nuggets of amber are spilt; delicate strands of hair touch the skin, and icy pebbles the nose; a closed fist, skin that whitens over bones, bluish veins extending into the nook of the bracelet; a tiny bit of mouth, the redness spills over into pinkish swirls that encircle the neck…


The traces of a woman without a prelude and a denouement, only notes of an existence – Maja and her jewellery. Or, rather, Maja and the curious objects which touch, encircle, cover her skin, her hair, her beauty marks… Always her – as if on other women, on other skins, beauty marks, veins… the magic is not possible.