Travel Notes

architect Conrado Capilla, José V. Vallejo
project Centro de Interpretación de la Naturaleza, Tama Vallede liébana, Spain
written by Joao Alvaro Martins Da Rocha


I’m writing this in Madrid, while waiting for a plane that isn’t coming. Writing will help me to lighten this drowsy wait that separates me from Porto, and to avoid the anxiety of thinking about numerous things I need to do in the approaching week. 


Images flow through my head like a movie sequence when I remember how the car steered along the winding road next to a deep ravine on the way to Picos de Europa.


I remember the journey and the feeling of going through a tunnel, because there are no open views there. One is surrounded by wild mountains, with craggy profiles silhouetted against the sky… Now I understand how it was named. 


The landscape is extraordinary. It looks like a painting by an unknown Flemish artist, with the splendid greens of plants and waters, sometimes almost fluorescent, and the dark and yellowish grays of rocks; this palette is balanced by the pure, crystal whiteness of snow-covered “spikes”, cut out of the intense, brilliant and clean blue sky.