A New Function in the Area of the Cultural Avantgarde

architects Erich Hubmann & Andreas Vass
project Adaptation and Conversion of Alpenmilchzentrale, Vienna, Austria
written by Adolph Stiller


The name Alpenmilchzentrale (centre for alpine milk) did not become a notion in Vienna until the 50s and 60s, during the time of the promotion and spread of the white-beverage culture (milk as a drink, milk bars, etc.). 


Conditioned by the production process of the dairy plant, the ground floor façade of the company was covered in classic white oblong ceramic tiles – today the very stamp of the aesthetics of the sixties – and this detail was also characteristic of a series of this company’s sales branch-offices. This is also the reason why the mutually functioning factor of the format of the tiles, the white colour and the name Alpenmilchzentrale generates an image that has become cemented in the minds of the Viennese and become almost a complete institution.