architect Ante Andrović
project Redesign and Conversion of the Arsenal from 18th century, Zadar, Croatia
written by Nenad Kondža


arsenal, (ital. arsenale from ar. darsina – house of work) 1. manufacturing facility or warehouse for arms and military supplies; 2. fig. A large and heterogeneous quantity of something, a large resource; 3. warehouses, workshops, shipyards and docks for maintenance and repair of warships; 4. basement, tavern (Begović); adj. arsenal


The space, especially the space of the island (peninsula), is not unlimited, so in designing the houses, the architects should always have in mind that they are just one of the people “building” the island (peninsula), adding to those before them, and leaving space for those after them.


One of the most prominent principles in today’s theory is that one period does not have the right to obliterate the creative achievements of its predecessor, especially by judging whether the aesthetic views of that achievement match the current views. Simply put, every work of art has the right to survive as a witness of its time.