House With Two Faces

architect Radovan Tajder
project Parking Lot Boehringer, Vienna, Austria
written by Vera Grimmer


The communication areas of Yokohama Port or the Traffic Control building at the Basel Main Railway Station are the completely utilitarian facilities of particular infrastructures, in which the authors – FOA, i.e. Herzog & de Meuron – have clearly formulated the specifics of their architectural agenda and expression. The transit areas of main railway stations and airports are at the focus of their interest, while every infrastructure facility deserves the concentrated attention of the architect, however celebrated.


For the past ten years or so, Tajder has been dealing with the rational infrastructure facilities of the garages in Vienna, as much with their design as with the most feasible optimization (e.g. by positioning the parking bays at an angle of 72°, thus achieving a more favorable ratio of the number of cars to gross surface). While designing them, he is trying to introduce themes from grand architecture into the definition of these exclusively utilitarian facilities.