Invisible Zagreb

architects platforma 9.81
project Invisible Zagreb Project, Multimedia Research on New Spaces for Culture
written by Maroje Mrduljaš


“The master plan is dead”, proclaims Wolf Prix while providing the clinching arguments: “The gradual privatization of urban public space in Western cities is having profound effects on contemporary architecture as a whole. Faced with a lack of public funds, cities and local authorities are increasingly unable to play an active role in urban planning…”1. Everything that happened to the cities of the West, is happening in some mutated, more banal or more brutal form in post-transitional cities including Zagreb. But while Prix, along with many other practicing architects, sees the resistance to the degradation and collapse of public space in architecture itself and the urban potentials which can be realized within it, such a prescription in the case of Zagreb and Croatia is hardly possible. Architects and investors who handle large-scale structures do not deal with articulated public social space.