Of Viruses and Prints: Later Works of Silvio Vujčić

author Silvio Vujičić
written by Jasna Jakšić


It’s been a couple of years now since Silvio Vujičić (b. 1978), then a very young student of the Faculty of Textile Technology and the Academy of Fine Arts, was featured in the media as one of the most promising Croatian fashion designers. Models cut out of auxiliary, marginal tailoring materials like nonwoven interlining or tailoring paper seriously explored the national ethnic heritage and, bizarrely enough, in a shift of perception, almost achieved a Japanese-like character. He publicly scorned fashion shows and the fashion industry, as he showed with the short coloristic enthusiasm of the show/performance made in 2002 for the opening of the Here Tomorrow exhibition: clothes tailored from multi-colored crepe paper literally fell apart after being on the models for twenty minutes. However, the exhibition, along with several excellent costume designs, exciting a powerful response in professional circles, was held at the E.A. 1/1 S.V. anti-store in the Vladimir Nazor Gallery in Zagreb in 2004.