Photographing Shadows at La Tourette

photography Hélène Binet
written by Hélène Binet


The play of light and shadow is extremely well articulated in La Tourette, which is why I chose to photograph the building. 


Photographing shadows is almost an unnatural thing to do. Framing light is more natural. Shadows are something you have to play with. There is something about the shadow that always escapes you. 


Black Square on the Balcony


Private life in a cell: Light never comes into the room, but only into the balcony that is situated at the end of the room. In that balcony space, on the wall that catches the shadows, there is a small, square concrete box that is the only ornament in both the balcony and the room. It brings the shadows into a dialogue with you. It breeds a strong sense of time, and time here is no longer ambiguous.