Renovation of the Talum Office Building

architect Janko J. Zadravec
project Renovation of the Business Premises Talum With New Service Structure, Kidričevo, Slovenia
written by Sonja Ifko


The story of the renovation of the Talum office building in Kidričevo next to Ptuj is an example of a successful intervention in the architectural heritage from the recent past. We are not dealing here with a large project, nor are the changes made very dramatic, rather it a continuation and further development of ideas of one of the pioneer projects of Slovenian post-war Modernism.


In order to be able to understand the context of the renovation it is necessary to outline the history of the existing situation. The alumina and aluminum plant was begun by the Germans during the Second World War, but the construction was completed after the war ended, with the ambition to turn it into one of the main pillars of the new socialist economy.