In Today's Time Is Serious Research in the Area of the Architecture of Educational Institutions Still Actual?

written by Jurij Kobe


…”Of course it is very significant, my eminence, for the glory that powerful rulers gained through so many victories and triumphs, that young spirits are not raised chanting their exploits within the four walls of private houses, but before the eyes of the entire city. And what stands here before our eyes other than a Maenian building that stood right here on the path of our invincible princes during their occasional visits. That they have been touched by the warm welcome of our youngsters is not only shown in their generosity with which they showered the young, but also by the letter in which they invite me to dedicate myself to their education. And how happy they will be to see that this gathering place for the young has been restored.” Thus spoke Eumenius in the 3rd century.