Remete Primary School Extension

architects Gordana Domić, Boris Koružnjak
project Elementary School "Vladimir Nazor", Zagreb, Croatia
written by Ljiljana Šepić


If you are coming from the south, from Maksimir, clim­bing the winding road to the north, you will come to Remete, the Zagreb suburban district on the slopes of Medvednica with the well-known church of the former Paulist monastery, originally Gothic, but remodelled in the Baroque. This part (formerly a village), consisting mainly of family houses, is, however, becoming urban with the construction of so-called urban villas. At the moment when you see the church spire in Remete, behind the tops of tall trees, in the background you see a high gable wall whose volume indicates that you have come across something larger and more significant – an annex to the primary school.