photographer Valentino Bilić Prcić
written by Sandi Bulimbašić


There are several very talented authors on the photography scene in Split worthy of note and Valentino Bilić Prcić is definitely among them. His creativity and subtlety continue to inspire and enrich our view of everyday life in the city.


A series of individual exhibitions since 2001 –  Urbofilija (Love of the City) in 2001, 15 minuta slave (15 Minutes of Fame) in 2002, Ljetno kino (Open-air Movie Theater) in 2004, Urbofilija nova – vidljivo i nevidljivo (The New Love of the City – The Visible and Invisible) in 2005, and his works at the exhibition Suvremena splitska fotografija, Life & Art (Contemporary Photography in Split, Life & Art) in the Art Gallery in Split and the 2003 Splitski salon –  have established him as a significant author in contemporary photography.