Disillusioned Art

author Andreja Kulunčić
written by Silva Kalčić


Andreja Kulunčić sees art as exploration and process; in accordance with Kubler’s theory of time that is flowing like fiber clusters, where each fiber can be an art style or movement, her creations in various media are often works in progress, stretching over several years and operating as a cluster archive (Foster’s “archiving instinct” in art), filled with data inputted over the predetermined duration of the project. The medium/method of Andreja’s discursive artistic work is borrowed from sociology and marketing, and inserted into the ordinary media flow, inviting the heterogeneous and voluntary audience to participate actively; its object of study is the political space (transition), the existential space (city) as the (urban) framework of life; “traditional urbanity” and the city of cultural consumption (Boyer); social relationships and social practice; conflicts within the relative security of the society.